Town Council

June 29, 2017 Special Meeting

The Farmerville Town Council met in special session on Monday, June 29, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Stein Baughman, Jr. The invocation was given by Alderman Johnikin and Mayor Baughman then led the group in the Pledge of Alligiance. The members present were Mayor M. Stein Baughman, Aldermen Jerry Taylor, Lavelle Maine, Caroline Gatson, Robert Allen, and Ricky Johnikin, Attorney Joe Cusimano was absent.

At this time Mayor Baughman allowed all citizens to voice their opinion on all agenda items.

On motion by Maine, seconded by Gatson and approved with one Nay from Taylor, to issue a new Liquor License for Wrights Place located at 601 Hickory Street.

On motion by Allen, seconded by Maine and unanimously approved to award Mabry Company, LLC the contract for Drainage Structure Repairs with a low bid of $129,700.00.

On motion by Gatson, seconded by Allen and unanimously to approve the 2016/2017 amended budget as presented.

2017/2018 Amended Budget



General & Administrative 794,300.00 929,200.00
Sanitation 470,000.00 430,000.00
TOTAL REVENUE 1,264,300.00 1,329,200.00
General & Administrative 759,090.00 804,000.00
Sanitation 503,110.00  511,945.00
TOTAL EXPENSES 1,262,200.00  1,315,945.00
NET INCOME GENERAL FUND 2,100.00 43,255.00


REVENUES 1,131,060.00  1,109,700.00
Shop & Administrative 455,200.00 311,200.00
Streets 655,900.00 790,700.00
TOTAL EXPENSES 1,111,100.00   1,101,900.00
NET INCOME GENERAL FUND 19,960.00 7,810.00


TOTAL REVENUES 531,500.00 532,300.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 529,090.00 531,790.00 
NET INCOME SALES BOND 2,410.00 510.00


TOTAL REVENUES 1,469,100.00 1,518,200.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 1,412,400.00 1,515,600.00
NET INCOME WATER 56,700.00 2,600.00


TOTAL REVENUES 445,500.00      550,000.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 403,522.50 548,722.50
NET INCOME WATER 41,977.50 1,277.50


TOTAL REVENUES 812,000.00 656,700.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 808,800.00 651,900.00
NET INCOME FIRE 3,200.00 4,800.00


TOTAL REVENUES 972,800.00 992,460.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 968,050.00 991,100.00
NET INCOME FIRE 4,750.00 1,360.00
TOTAL BUDGETED REVENUES 6,626,260.00 6,718,570.00
TOTAL BUDGETED EXPENDITURES 6,495,162.50 6,656,957.50
TOTAL NET INCOME 131,097.50  61,612.50

On motion by Allen, seconded by Maine and unanimously approved to adopt the 2017/2018 Budget as presented and advertised with the exception of adding a $.50 hourly increase for all full time employees.

On motion by Gatson, seconded by Taylor and unanimously approved this meeting was declared adjourned by Mayor Baughman, this the 27th day of June, 2016

Gay Nell Pepper, Town Clerk
M. Stein Baughman, Jr., Mayor

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